Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do participants of the online course get exactly the same HKC certification & status as participants of the 1 day HKC Instructor workshops? And will they also be listed in your list of instructors on your homepage?

A: The HardstyleFit online certification has a lot in common with the curriculum of the HKC, but is even more of an entry level certification than the in-person HKC all day workshop. You will gain a lot of knowledge from it, but it was never meant to be a replacement for the in-person HKC. You would be HardstyleFit certified however and that also has the added bonus of counting for CECs and CEUs for the ACE and NASM personal trainer certifications. If you choose to complete the course by sending in technique test videos you will receive a 50% discount for any in-person HKC or RKC workshop to continue your learning. The discount code is good for a full year.

Q: I live outside the USA, can I also do the online certification?

A: Yes, the online course is available worldwide.

Q: Which kettlebells are needed for the optional video technique tests? 

A: We ask that you use a reasonable weight that you can use to demonstrate the movements correctly and with control.

Q: What happens if I fail a quiz on an online lesson? Can I retake it? What about the video technique tests?

A: Yes, you can retake the online quizzes and the video tests until you pass. With the video tests, the Master RKC instructor will also provide you with additional coaching and guidance when necessary.

Q: How long do I have to work through the whole online course?

A: You have three months to pass the course online

Q: Do participants of the online certification get also the HKC manual? Are the PDF files in the online course the manual?

A: You'll be able to download the PDFs included in the course. All together, they represent a significant portion of the HKC manual, but not the complete manual.